Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ben 10,000 Returns!

Ben and company are visited by Ben 10,000 who needs their assistance in tracking down Eon. The beginning of the episode shows Eon trying to defeat Ben 10,000, (twenty years later) but Ben defeats him and his minions using Ultimate Humongousaur, Articguana, Heatblast, and Clockwork. Then Eon and his minions disappear and Paradox appears and says that it has only begun. Then the theme song comes on and Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are fighting Eon's minions also, but after they defeat them they vanish again and Ben gets peeved.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Episode2: Dupped

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Episode3: Hit them where they live

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Episode 1: Fame

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Ultimate Wildmut

Ultimate Wildmutt is
the evolved form of
Ultimate Wildmutt is
significantly larger
and more muscular
than Wildmutt. His fur
is a maroon-red color.
He has small, fin-like
growths on his
shoulders and his chin
is much larger. His
quills are gone, and
have been replaced by
4 huge gray spikes on
the back of his neck.
He now has a small
tail with a gray spike
on the tip of it. His
teeth are now slightly
larger. His claws are
now gray. Unlike
original Wildmutt,
Ultimate Wildmutt
gains the ability to
talk, which is the
result of its evolution.