Wednesday, July 30, 2014


The wait is finally over, released in parts, we have the poster for the Marvel's next year's bigge. This year's comic con (The San Diego Comic Con) brought some real awesome stuff for comic book & movie fans most of which was leaked. I uploaded the previous videos but couldn't get the Avengers Teaser. The audio from the video is up online so you can watch somewhere else.


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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Deadpool Leaked Test Footage (COMIC CON) - Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool Comic Con Test Footage Leaked !!!!!!!!
Sorry Everyone they removed it, good things don't last long

Hey guys heres another leaked footage from San Diego Comic-con.
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Batman vs. Superman : Dawn of Justice Leaked Comic Con Footage Live!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Batman vs. Superman : Dawn of Justice COMIC CON FOOTAGE Live !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry guys they removed this one too check out -- >> DEADPOOL COMIC CON TEST VIDEO LEAKED

This video was so removed, it has been uploaded to so many times on Youtube, removed every time. I know how much people were going crazy to just get a glimpse of the footage, and guess what i found it. Yes it is the leaked footage of the first ever look on Batman vs. Superman : Dawn of Justice!!!! from comic con. Its probably the last place it is live, so before it is removed i posted it so you can watch don't miss it.....
Thanks to some guys who always use thier phones to dod the right thing at the right time, anyways comic book fans enjoy

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

DC vs. MARVEL Cinematic Universe

CHECK OUT : Batman vs. Superman : Dawn of Justice Leaked Comic Con Footage Live!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its been quite a while we have known about the DC version of followup to the MARVEL Cinematic Universe, and now we can see that that both the big players are feeling competition for establishing comic book Universes in the cinematic way. But if we compare both the franchise it is really a hard to take sides.
Lets look at Marvel, with 9 films and earning $2,620,783,790 and $6,384.3 worldwide (wow big figures there) was quite successful. And that's what probably took DC to do the big. Yes, thats it DC is copying Marvel. Well if go all the way back and look at some of their discussions, they have always cancelled Justice League films and the ideas of crossover between major heroes on the big screen. Now that Marvels done it, they are doing it too (so isn't it oblivious?). And about their technique, well its pretty lame. The Universe crated in the Man of Steel was a dark one and one about which we rarely know anything. And just in the second movie they are bringing them together?? that's so awful.... Now marvel played it well they took 6 movies to build up the universe, show small connections in every movie and finally went to Avengers. And they had shield, which did all the work for them. I don't really like the way Dc is doing this, A Batman Vs. Superman Movie is awesome, something totally new for big screen but the idea of having wonder woman in their is making me so weird. They could have made separate films for Batman & a Man of Steel 2 and the brought together, and later on bring out a justice league movie, that would have great. Moreover we have seen the dark take batman and superman can be so a batman vs superman film would have been good, but can you imagine all those other fancy heroes in the setup. Moreover this universe is just 1 film old, and introducing too many heroes it can spoil the broth. And for that tittle Dawn of Justice "gwad!" it directly says I am the movie that is gonna lead into a Justice League Movie. I really think the franchise needs a Man of Steel Sequel at least without wonder woman to start a Justice league film, because Justice League didn't happen so fast. Maybe they are just in hurry to beat Marvel, so in my opinion Marvel is much better in handling cinematic universe.


by Sattwik Roy


AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON : What to expect?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON : What to expect?

Now that The First Look Poster is out, we know what Ultron looks, and also a little about the plot of the movie, we can say that Marvel hasn't left anymore stones uncovered for the May 2015 Bigge. Finally we can start to expect whats age of ultron will be and actually predict whats the movie will bring.....
It has been 2 years since the the Avengers came out, and its success blew everyone's minds, and definitely set some trends for all superhero franchises. And by now we have a sequel coming up which must be bigger. So what to expect from it.


Well first of all we can this movie must have a much more darker tone. Since the previous was just a bunch of aliens attacking over the planet, and some fancy superheroes fighting them all over the planet(which was pretty awesome) ultron in a much more different character and will require a more mature set up. Moreover most of our characters, have faced a lot in their own lives since the teamup. Tony has been having stress attacks from the big battle, he lost is house and almost lost Pepper. He even threw the arc reactor so it can pretty hard for him to decide and finally get in the iron man suit. Now Steve Rogers had enough problems trying to fitting into the this era, and then he finds out his best friend is alive, but turned into a mindless deadly assassin. Thor lost his mother, left Asgard and thinks that his brother is dead. So all the heroes have evolved through this and that must be reflected in their characters.
Now we will definitely see, a glimpse of what we saw in The Winter Soldier, it had awesome action much more than  Iron Man 3 or Avengers or any other Marvel Movie. It had the best action of them all, i really i wish i had reviewed the film since I had watched the first day second show. Now probably because it was less of superpowers and more of guns and combat but that's the way i like it and i definitely wanna see some more. And with scarlet witch and quicksilver joining we can surely expect some more or i should say much more cation. Because more the heroes more the action, although I feel its Kind of getting crowded. The previous was more about getting the heroes together and finally fighting at the end. But in this one i would like to see action from the very begging to the end.
The previous story was dedicated to the building up of the team, as for the plot i found it very disappointing much like Iron Man 2(which i didn't like). Captain America movies have a much better plot. So wish they give good back story to ultron and his development and also a fair amount of space to heroes.
In Avengers, the keep fighting among themselves and finally learn to co operate. Now that they have worked together once we will see mush more co ordination and expertise in fighting. That way they'll have a fair chance in front of ultron. But that doesn't mean they won't fight each other for at least once.
Well Hulk in really my favorite and I was really annoyed with the little use and importance given to his character. Well if not hulk then Bruce Banner at least. I know he got plenty of screen-time, but what I am trying to say is that they should have explored his character more. We all have seen and known the rest of pretty well they had their own movies and others got plenty of space in their movies. But Hulk is a totally new character that came in Avengers and was not seen after that. There are so many questions why he was India in the beginning of avengers, and by saying " I am always angry" (that just got the crap out of me) did he mean that he was always the Hulk?

Avengers: Age Of Ultron opens in theaters on May 1st, 2015.

by Sattwik Roy

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